Wednesday, May 03, 2006

my teeth hurt

well, i've now been doing the homeless thing for about two weeks, and [knock on wood] it is much easier than i anticipated. basically, i get on the [A] train at approximately 3-4-ish am, and ride it to the ends of the line twice, which takes about 4-5 hours.

my modus operandi on the train is to cover all my equipment in a natty garbage bag, a technique i call, crapification. no one knows or even cares that i have really nice equipment under there...because it's covered in a garbage bag...and its heavy like a black hole. it then sit in a corner and semi pass out. i usually wake up to a flood of people going to work around 6-7, so i get off the train around 8-ish, and head to the gym, where i work out, shower, shave and change clothes that i leave in a locker there [update; fuckers cut the lock off my locker so i gotta get another one, damnit!!]. once that is done, and i'm reasonably awake, i hit a wifi enabled cafe where i check my email, schedule my tasks for the day, and work on music related stuff.

it really is that simple. i feel creative and i also feel healthy because of working out everyday, but the strangest thing; when i wake up, on the train, my teeth hurt...!?! i have absolutely no idea why, and it usually dissipates within an hour or so, but it freaks me out. oh well....


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