Wednesday, April 12, 2006

day one

well, i left my keys on the bed in my, now, former room. although my feeling are a tiny bit hurt that she would throw me out, it is definitely her perrogative. now it's just me and my heavy ass toolbox.

today, i went thru all my original tracks to see which ones might be useable. and i walked around...ALOT! and drank waaaay too much coffee [which is basically wifi cafe tax]. i met up with my friend stephan for a while at the cafe, but i found it hard to take that first step into the night, on my own. it had become real at this point. not that i sensed any danger...far from it, it was just that i wonder sometimes when one of my weird ideas is gonna get my ass hurt. this whole "sleep on the train" thing seemed, strangely enough, veryobvious and normal to me; sleep on the train, work as much as humanly possible selling CDs and street busking, to generate enough fundage to take me back to europe within the next 30-45 days...simple. but, firstly, i've never managed to make anything more than 3 bucks on the street here, so i dont know what makes me think that i can choke up appoximately $3000. secondly, i had to "crapify" my equipment. un-crapified, it looks reasonably expensive enough to knock me over the head for, so i procurred a grey plastic garbage bag to cover it with and, viola'!! instant "could be a grocery cart full of crap".

after i left the cafe, i wwent over to bryant park station and played there. the practice helped alot, but the sound system still has no bass response. i'm gonna have to fix that this weekend, asap. without bass, everything else just seems weak. but ipicked out enough on my own stuff for a reasonable 30 minute set. i hope to write the rest soon.

afterward, i made my way over to the [A] line and rode it back and forth approximately 4 times. although i got "some" sleep, it wasn't nearly restful enough. i think i might be able to get accustomed to this after a few days. when i did finally leave the train system, i was still tired, but i luckily have a lot of guarana to help keep me going. although it didnt help much because i still needed to take a 30 minute nap in central park, and another train nap to coney island and back.


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